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car photo As a locally owned new & used car dealership we have a constant need for pre-owned inventory. We prefer to buy used vehicles we know were previously driven by local people. La Porte Ford has a dedicated team of MAX Allowance® buyers who are trained to pay you more for your vehicle because:
  1. Your Vehicle was likely better maintained and cared for than vehicles we can buy from auctions or car rental fleets
  2. Time is money, and it's expensive to travel and compete for cars, trucks, SUVs and vans at regional auctions (especially when we consider the auction fees, transport costs and increased repair and maintenance work required with an auction purchase).
  3. We're neighbors, and we value your business whether you're buying, selling or leasing a vehicle.

How To Find Your Car’s Trade in Value

Is it time to move on from your current vehicle? Consider getting its trade in value appraised---we’ve made it easier than ever.

First of all, find our Max Allowance form on the website. Once you’ve found it, just enter your vehicle’s information; you will need the make, model, year, engine size, and possibly VIN. After you’ve entered all of the vehicle information and submitted it, the algorithm will return a trade in value for your vehicle. The online tool will give you a quick and considerate cash offer, so you now know how much your used car is worth.

What You Can Do with Your Max Allowance Cash Offer

You can bring your vehicle into our shop at any time, and our experienced technicians will give it a quick look. They need to make sure that the information you entered online is accurate, and they also need to find any structural or aesthetic damage that may lower the car’s value on the used car lot. If everything checks out, we’ll give you an offer! You don’t have to sign right away; you are more than welcome to take your time. If you do decide to sign the offer sheet, you can either take the cash or apply it directly the purchase of a new car.

When you do apply the money from your Max Allowance offer goes to a new car purchase, that amount is subtracted from the cost of the new vehicle. That means you only pay sales tax on the remaining value of your car; depending on how much the new vehicle costs, you could save a considerable amount of money.

Do you have any questions about how to get your used car’s trade in value? Our online tool is accurate, and our trade in offers are fair. We’d love to meet you and help take your used car off your hands.

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